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AWWWW, but mum, I don't want my photo taken!!!

Yep, heard that before! Once kids get to a certain age getting their photograph taken can be a bit of a mare, it ends up just being the usual annual school portrait... and well we know how delightful they can end up! 

This is where I come in!  I don't like boring posed photoshoots, I want to know about what makes your child tick, what do they love to do, what are their quirks?  I can use that info to create a fun photoshoot which is all about them!  Yes we will get those lovely posed images in their best outfit, don't worry Mum I have your back on that one! But they wont mind as we will also be creating something for them that they will love too!  And best of all they will have loads of fun doing it!  

Who doesn't love exploring new places, climbing trees, or setting off colourful smokebombs? It will be so much fun!  And you will have amazing images that are not jut the 'norm' but 'spectacularly different'. 

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Hi! I'm Nicola! 

Thank you so much for visiting my page! 

Im looking forward to welcoming you into my studio in Carnoustie, Angus or out and about on location in Dundee & Angus!

You like something a bit different and you are sick of uncooperative kids when you try to get a good photo?  Sound about right?

I hear you, I am the exact same!  

My kids wouldn't set foot in my studio for photos but tell them we are going to explore an abandoned skate park or the woods they are right up for it!  And because they are having fun they will stop and pose, and I get natural smiles, not the forced ones! win win in my eyes! 

Let me do the same for you, take the stress off and create something truly fantastic that you and your kids will love and remember! 

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