Nicola has been a professional photographer for 9 years now, mainly focussed on newborns and babies!  She has recently found a passion for creating beautiful and exciting location images of older children!  

She loves incorporating hobbies and interests and loves adding something a bit special, be it a smoke grenade or finding a super special and unique location!

On a more personal level, Nicola is Mum to 3 girls.. Allanah, Marlie and Bronte (who you will regularly see and hear about on her insta!).  She loves brightly coloured hair, skulls on everything, Harry Potter, fantasy novels, immature comedies and scary movies, Good food and Wine!


Kris is Nicola's husband!  He has recently started taking a bigger role in the photography business alongside his own business.  You will usually see him helping create the perfect lighting on location, chucking smoke grenades and keeping Nicola on track with her planned shots.

Kris is an avid supporter of Dundee Football Club and is a keen golfer.  He listens to Billy Joel and would happily watch Jim Carrey movies on repeat.