Fashion shoot with D-Sixx Apparel in Dundee

COMMERCIAL SHOOT – D-Sixx Apparel – Urban Photography in Dundee, Scotland

Recently I had the pleasure of photographing our friends over at D-Sixx Apparel for their latest line of designs!  D-Sixx are an awesome family based clothing business specialising in alternative t-shirts.  D-Sixx was born after being unable to find something a little bit different for their new baby, everything seemed to be pink or blue which is just not to everyones tastes!  They have swiftly moved from little kids clothing to clothing for all ages!  My personal fave is the ‘Stress, kids and rock ‘n’ roll’ design!

I personally have bought some tees for my own kids and they are great quality and super fast delivery!  There are also some other design aspects from D-Sixx for HD Photographic and Newborns by Nicola which I will be sharing very soon!  these guys are just awesome at what they do!  So much imagination!

So anyway, back to the shoot…

We had an awesome time exploring some urban areas down in the Brown Street area of Dundee, and then we headed to find a grafitti-ed underpass that we had heard about!  We eventually found it on the Miley Nature trail, I love how it looks in the photos!

Generally photographing babies and kids is more my forte so directing adults in posing etc was new for me…  It was interesting… LOL… Particularly given that because this shoot was all about the t-shirts it ruled out many poses that I would normally consider.  I do think they turned out great though and are perfect for the D-Sixx brand.


Go Check out D-Sixx apparel  at their website by clicking HERE!  or also find them on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM!

Here are a bunch of photos from the session!



If you like what you see and would like to book a shoot, be it commercial or portrait, just send us a wee email at or call on 07807 656104 to discuss your requirements!

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Nicola x

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Mountain Biking portraits in Templeton Woods, Dundee.

Recently I had the insane pleasure of photographing wee Brandyn! What a total dude Brandyn is, he stepped out the car totally immaculate, super trendy and rocked some fab portraits!  Then he got into his mountain biking gear and zoomed round the amazing mountain biking trails in Templeton woods!

It was actually pretty scary watching him!  He can get really fast and the height he can reach on jumps is crazy!

This is a totally new genre of photography for us and I will admit I was not prepared for how technically different photographing a fast moving bike is to photographing a sleeping newborn!  Brandyn was super patient and more than happy to run the trails a few times to capture the shots.  In the lead up to this session I had the idea it would be awesome to get some colourful smoke grenades in on the action, and have him ride through the smoke!  In practical terms this is not easy to do as you only get 20 seconds of smoke so you don’t have enough time to run through it a few times, it is a one shot deal!!

In the end it actually worked best to keep Brandyn in pose and let off the grenade, which is the shot I have included in this blog as a wee sneaky peek.  More from this session will follow once Mum & Brandyn have seen them! Mum also sent me some awesome behind the scenes shots and video so I will include them below too!

Nicola & Kris x

And here are the behind the scenes!  I love ther

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Child Photography at an abandoned BMX track in Dundee.

Meet Marlie! Marlie is our middle daughter!  She is 10 years old and has just started primary 6.

Marlie is an awesome wee lass (well I say wee, she is rather tall, taller than her nearly 12 year old big sister!).  She is 100% her own person, she likes what she likes and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her.  She loves Dinosaurs and Creepy Crawlies.  When she grows up she wants to be a youtuber, in fact she already has her own channel! Go check her out, Moodee Dundee. She is hilarious at times!

She shops in the boys department mainly because quite frankly they have cooler stuff…. I mean a dabbing t-rex tshirt? you aren’t going to find it in the girls department (sadly!)

She LOVES to sing and regularly drives her sisters insane with her continuous singing!

She has High Functioning Autism which sadly can make life difficult for her at times, mainly with changes in routine etc.  School can be a bit hard going but the older she gets the better she is at managing sensory overload etc.  She is a wee superstar!

Nicola & Kris x


If you would like to book or get more info..

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call – 07807 656104 (leave a message if I don’t answer!)

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Karate Kid Neave

Tween Portraits in Dundee of Karate Kid Neave.

Meet Neave!

Neave is an awesome, chatterbox of a girl!  She is so full of life with boundless enthusiasm and a smile that can light up a room.  She is also a total bad-ass!  Neave is amazing at karate!  She recently competed at the WUKF World Karate Championships in Dundee and in a few short weeks will be travelling to Malta with Team Kanzen to the European Championships!

We have known Neave for a few months now through the karate so have watched her compete quite a bit now, and she really is awesome!

So for her shoot while we didn’t want to do a ‘karate’ shoot we did want to get a wee bit of action in there…. a flying kick!  We shot this down at Dundee Riverside where there is a long wall of graffiti which is just amazing!  Also the District 10 offices make for a cool backdrop too!

We had a great time doing Neaves photos, I hope you like them as much as we do!

Nicola & Kris x

ps.  if you would like to book or get some info just send an email to

Also go check out our portfolio HERE

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Rainbow Photo Shoot in Forfar, Angus.

Colour Explosion!  A Fun & Messy Photoshoot!

Meet the Browns!

I have been photographing this little family for years now, way back from when oldest Leo was just days old!  Then along came little Lexi who actually won me the SWPP members choice photographer of the year award in 2011!  Fast forward a few more years and twins Madison and Zander arrive into the world!

Anyway,  getting 4 kids to all cooperate in a portrait session is never going to be easy, but mum Lynsey came to me with an awesome idea…

Basically the long and short of it was ‘lets give the kids bright coloured powder (like the Holi festival!) and let them chuck it at each other!’  I jumped on this, I just LOVED it!

So that is exactly what we did! Although we did get a few lovely ones in their clean and crisp white outfits first!  The white didn’t last long though!  The session literally exploded with colour!  We had so much fun, and the sheer delight in the kids faces was just priceless!  It is without doubt one of my most favourite photoshoots ever!  I fully intend on doing the same kind of shoot with my own girls!

Here are some of my favourites from the session, it was insanely difficult to narrow them down!

Nicola x


If you are interested please email for more info!


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