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Mountain Biking portraits in Templeton Woods, Dundee.

Recently I had the insane pleasure of photographing wee Brandyn! What a total dude Brandyn is, he stepped out the car totally immaculate, super trendy and rocked some fab portraits!  Then he got into his mountain biking gear and zoomed round the amazing mountain biking trails in Templeton woods!

It was actually pretty scary watching him!  He can get really fast and the height he can reach on jumps is crazy!

This is a totally new genre of photography for us and I will admit I was not prepared for how technically different photographing a fast moving bike is to photographing a sleeping newborn!  Brandyn was super patient and more than happy to run the trails a few times to capture the shots.  In the lead up to this session I had the idea it would be awesome to get some colourful smoke grenades in on the action, and have him ride through the smoke!  In practical terms this is not easy to do as you only get 20 seconds of smoke so you don’t have enough time to run through it a few times, it is a one shot deal!!

In the end it actually worked best to keep Brandyn in pose and let off the grenade, which is the shot I have included in this blog as a wee sneaky peek.  More from this session will follow once Mum & Brandyn have seen them! Mum also sent me some awesome behind the scenes shots and video so I will include them below too!

Nicola & Kris x

And here are the behind the scenes!  I love ther

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