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Rainbow Photo Shoot in Forfar, Angus.

Colour Explosion!  A Fun & Messy Photoshoot!

Meet the Browns!

I have been photographing this little family for years now, way back from when oldest Leo was just days old!  Then along came little Lexi who actually won me the SWPP members choice photographer of the year award in 2011!  Fast forward a few more years and twins Madison and Zander arrive into the world!

Anyway,  getting 4 kids to all cooperate in a portrait session is never going to be easy, but mum Lynsey came to me with an awesome idea…

Basically the long and short of it was ‘lets give the kids bright coloured powder (like the Holi festival!) and let them chuck it at each other!’  I jumped on this, I just LOVED it!

So that is exactly what we did! Although we did get a few lovely ones in their clean and crisp white outfits first!  The white didn’t last long though!  The session literally exploded with colour!  We had so much fun, and the sheer delight in the kids faces was just priceless!  It is without doubt one of my most favourite photoshoots ever!  I fully intend on doing the same kind of shoot with my own girls!

Here are some of my favourites from the session, it was insanely difficult to narrow them down!

Nicola x


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