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Welcome to the HD Photographic blog!

Thank you for visiting the HD Photographic blog!

So this is the first blog!

A wee bit of background information first…  Nicola (thats me!) has almost a decade of experience in the photography business mainly in newborns and babies but has dabbled over the years in various photography areas.  So ultimately HD-photographic is a culmination of all those fun photography styles I have enjoyed over the years which don’t fit in with the newborns and babies.

Kris has a background in sales and eco but has recently came onboard with the photography business.  Currently he is taking on more of an assisting role in the photography side but we should be getting him behind the camera shortly! He has a particular interest in Animal Photography so watch this space!

So in this blog you will see a bunch of photos, some taken this week, some a few years back but it gives you an idea of the kind of work we do and want to continue shooting!

Again, thanks for visiting!

Kris & Nicola

ps.  if you want more info please email info@hd-photographic.co.uk

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122 Dundee Street, Carnoustie


07807 656104

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